My slut loves to be watched


I have always considered myself a voyeur, but never realized how much of one till recently. This is all about that nasty slut of a Man. He knows who he is. I love the fact that he admits to his slut ways. Hell, he embraces the fact that he is a dirty little bitch.


Secrets confessed will make you hard

The deviant is back and ready to lure more into my web of Accomplice roleplay. When does a fantasy become a reality? When you take it to a level never before achieved. Some secrets are not meant to keep.


Cadence pt-1

There is no fifty shades here. The real life of a Dominate is not one of falling in love and producing babies. Human nature sometimes gets the best of the human soul. I am in no way knocking the book series that has the panties of women all country in a bunch. Just showing a darker side to the world of a Dominate male.