Secrets confessed will make you hard

The deviant is back and ready to lure more into my web of Accomplice roleplay. When does a fantasy become a reality? When you take it to a level never before achieved. Some secrets are not meant to keep.


Cadence pt-1

There is no fifty shades here. The real life of a Dominate is not one of falling in love and producing babies. Human nature sometimes gets the best of the human soul. I am in no way knocking the book series that has the panties of women all country in a bunch. Just showing a darker side to the world of a Dominate male. 

Escort Diaries: Holiday Shopping


During the past few weeks I have been so busy doing holiday stuff. I have to do it ahead, because work is always wild during this time. Sorry the blogs have been scarce, but life happens.  (more…)

Escort Diaries: Daddy’s Princess


It was 3 am when the fax machine went off. I know that the sound means there will be a client waiting for me. When and who, I didn’t know yet. One can only hope that it will be something exciting. I’ve had long year. (more…)