Real life escort loves playing on the phone

Being a real life escort makes the time on the phone so much better. I love sharing stories with all you dirty men. How I fucked last night. How much money I make. Sometimes, I will even share the juicy secrets.


Homeless Roleplay, humiliation of a whore


Who doesn’t love the pretty woman roleplay? In mine, the girl is not a hooker. We all know that’s already a reality for me. I often wondered what a girl would do for money. If you were homeless, with nothing, would you fuck a stranger for cash? 


Fanfiction is a rags to riches story


Do you read fanfiction? The majority of people have at least glanced at wattpad fanfiction at least once in their lives. If more times than they are willing to admit. I know that I’ve spent a good amount of time lost in the fantasy land of words.