NURU Massage with a slip of the finger

NURU massage
He asked for a NURU massage, and the ending was explosive. Bodies covered in oil, the rubbing of one to another, massaging every inch. Erotic seduction of slippery hands and fingers. He loved the happy ending.


Necrophilia turned into a dead fuck


“Bianca, we have a wild one for you. Research Necrophilia”

I knew that something was going on when that was the first thing Dave said when he called me. Usually, he means there is a freak that everyone else is scared of. Dammit, why do I have to be such a freak? The moment he faxed over the sheet on my client, he was into Necrophilia and wanted something specific.  (more…)

Escort for a disgusting pig of a man


The life of an escort is not the pretty woman glamour scene. It’s being perfect the entire time, and doing things you don’t want. Money is money though. We learn at a young age that money talks and bullshit walks.