Sex sent me to the emergency room


Sex sent me to the ER. I swear I never thought something as good as sex would put me in the hospital. How do you explain to a doctor that you have an injury in your vagina without laughing? (more…)

Real life escort loves playing on the phone

Being a real life escort makes the time on the phone so much better. I love sharing stories with all you dirty men. How I fucked last night. How much money I make. Sometimes, I will even share the juicy secrets.


Escort Diaries: Daddy’s Princess


It was 3 am when the fax machine went off. I know that the sound means there will be a client waiting for me. When and who, I didn’t know yet. One can only hope that it will be something exciting. I’ve had long year. (more…)

Oral sex with your favorite escort

oral sex
Oral sex has always been something I used to get out of fucking. Yes I realize that’s not nice of me, but I’m and excellent cock sucker, and why not use my god given talents?