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Anal fuck boy is one of my long time callers. Well to be honest, he is a site whore, but I’ve decided to push the limits with the anal sex lover.


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foot fetish
My foot fetish is no secret. There is nothing I won’t do for a pair of stiletto heels. I don’t mean the cheap knock off brands either. It must be designer, and red. I have a little addiction to the color red.


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Anal sex is no longer something taboo and not spoken of. Ask Anal Fuck Boy next time you visit the chatroom. He loves taking it in the ass for me. If you see his toys, you would be shocked. Personally would never take something like that in my ass. I am too picky about how my ass looks. I guess that makes me vain. (more…)

Red shoe diaries destroyed her ass

red shoe diaries
The blog series – red shoe diaries is my very favorite. You will understand the more I write, the reason behind it. I am a Dominate woman for the right Man, but day like this, I want to submit.