NURU Massage with a slip of the finger

NURU massage
He asked for a NURU massage, and the ending was explosive. Bodies covered in oil, the rubbing of one to another, massaging every inch. Erotic seduction of slippery hands and fingers. He loved the happy ending.


Sex sent me to the emergency room


Sex sent me to the ER. I swear I never thought something as good as sex would put me in the hospital. How do you explain to a doctor that you have an injury in your vagina without laughing? (more…)


Welcome to Candy land. Where Sugar babies lead you down a path of financial domination and deviant desires. Can you handle the heat this bitch has to bring? Doubtful! I come with a warning label, but lucky for me my Mother taught me how to hide it well.


Humiliation wears red heel to bed


I have heard that it’s every mans dream to have a woman by his side who he can confide in, respect and trust. Someone who will cook him dinner and give him the pussy when he wants it.  Me, being a woman of my word and knowing exactly what I like; will tell all of you men… NEWS FLASH, you are full of shit. You crave humiliation. (more…)