The land of make believe has never seen the likes of a woman like Bianca. Beauty is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the sultry little minx. My greatest joy is sharing my filth with the fans out there. The ones who get off on the creativity of a slutty mind. Though my middle name is Grace, it should have been trouble. More men are addicted to me than will ever admit. Could it be that they find my open mind or sultry voice to be the kink they have forever desired? The confidant of your secrets, the playmate of your dreams, and the girl you wish you could have.

Born in a small town, the moment I could escape, I did. This girl needed the bright lights of the big city to create the masterpiece you see before you. Dropping out of medical school, the pull of money was stronger than the desire to serve. Everyone has a story of something they did in college that was less than moral. The night I became an escort freed me! Tired of the classroom, and horny Professors who could only offer a better grade, I chose another path. I am Bianca, the high class call girl.

I am the essence of Sugar Baby, and all you Daddies out there should take notice. Since the moment I added the phone to my sexual craziness, life hasn’t been the same. Working girl by night, sexy little phone seductress by day. Best of both world, but never combined. I like to keep my dirty deeds separate. When it comes to limits, I had to look that up. Guess what? I have none. I thought for a minute that I would, but I broke that rule and loved it. Dirty girls have the most fun.

My Sugar Daddies have me spoiled rotten. When I walk into my extra bedroom and the wall shelves are lined with shoes, it’s a job well done. I have an addiction, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I am a shoe whore. Not the cheap ones though. I like those that put a dent in the wallet, and a smile on the sales girls face. My collection of about 40 pairs of red stilettos needs a few new pairs. That’s where all you sexy men come in. You pay, and I give you the pleasure of spoiling me. Looks like we both win, doesn’t it? I do love a man who knows how to take a woman shopping. In both the real and virtual worlds, online spending is a passion of mine. It will be yours too when I’m done with you.

Miss World Wide, I am the girl that can be anywhere, at any time. The virtual world gives us the opportunity to push limits, boundaries, and to break all the rules. I love a Dominate Daddy, Seductive roleplay, Family adventures, and even mild BDSM. Don’t limit me though. I never say no, and being a real world sex slut, I know how a man should be treated. With respect, dignity, and above all, class.

You’ve now entered Diary of a Whore. A glimpse into the life of a call girl turned phone actress. If you love the unexpected, the deviant, then you’ve found the girl of your dreams. A place where dreams do come true, and no fantasy rejected. A firm believer in no fetish is unreachable; this will be the last site you will ever need. If Bianca can’t do it, no one can! Come on over to my house. Doors open, and there is nothing but smooth sailing ahead.

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One in a million? Try one in 7 billion. You can look for better all you want, but why waste your time? You've already found me.

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