family roleplay
Fantasy roleplay is so many different things. I prefer the ones that love for me to call them Daddy. My client loves it too.

“Bianca, you have a new client calling. He faxed over some things he would like you to know about him.”
Dave seemed to be in too good of a mood today. Something was up with that. Usually he grunts, growls, and slams his door. Thanking him, it was too late because the door silenced out my voice.
Giggling as I read the outline, I was to be Daddy’s little girl at a dinner party. Black tie, which meant formal dress attire for me. It was a celebration of a retirement. The honored guests wife was out of town, and I was to play the role of his daughter. I’m sure he was a /special/ kind of Daddy. At least I was hoping so.
Dressed in a long black gown, stockings, and heels. The other articles of clothing packed in a overnight bag. The small envelope brought by courier contained a room key, and a 100 dollar bill. The money was for a taxi to the hotel, and a hefty time for the driver.

Daddy was a good tipper it seemed. I am sure I will find that out though.

Arriving to room number 426 at the Four Seasons at 8 pm, I had already checked in my room and laid out the outfit for later. I was to address him for the evening as Daddy, though at 40, he was not old enough to be mine. Some would know there was a lie going one. I was sure of that. To be honest, that made me even more attracted to the Man. A dirty lie is always a great start to a deviant evening.

“Hello Daddy, thank you for inviting me with you tonight. Sorry that Mum couldn’t make it.”

Leaning in, I kissed his cheek, smiling at the woman behind him. It was his personal assistant, and with the look of disgust on her face, I am sure she had seen this show many times before. The lying dog was a repeat offender. I love someone elses husband. It makes for a better client relationship.
The dinner held in the hotel, we walked in and all eyes were on us. Introducing me to each person as his daughter home from college, a few of the ladies game me a look of knowledge. They knew that this little girl was not his daughter, but his dirty little secret. I could point out 10 men in the room that I had fucked, but I didn’t. Instead I took a non-alcoholic beverage and kept my mouth shut like a good girl would.
Leaning over, he whispered for me to go to the bathroom and take off my panties. I was to bring them back and slip them in his pocket. With a nod and a smirk, I did as told. Standing in the stall, slipping off the tiny black panties, I heard two women come in. They were speaking about me.

“did you see that slut he brought? I know his family. That is not his daughter!”

“I bet she calls him Daddy when he is cheating on his wife.”
“Oh my, can you imagine calling your husband Daddy?”
They both giggled and left. I felt powerful at that moment. Being hated by those that can’t be you is a power unlike any other. I walked out and their faces dropped when they seen me. I am sure they know I heard them. Leaning in and kissing his cheek, I slipped the panties in his pocket. He told me I was a good girl and to go sit at the table. He would be right back. Dinner was being served, so that was not even a hesitation.
What I didn’t know was the panties I removed he gave to another. There was a growing bet that he couldn’t get them from me, and the others lost. A good little girl will always give up her panties to a worthy Man. The moment he returned his hand too mine and we left the grand ballroom in a hurry. One of those old hens had called his wife and she was waiting in the hotel room for him.


“I can have them refund your money and go. I will get in trouble if a scene happens.”

He was having no part of that. They could of had an open relationship with each other. I was not sure, but I didn’t want to be any part of a marital squabble.
Introduced to his wife the moment I walked in, she looked like a real bitch. Glaring at her husband, and then at me, she asked me where the outfit was and that I had 5 minutes to dress and return. They planned this. Some sick family roleplay and I would be the daughter they didn’t have.

Family roleplay has always been enticing.

Doing as told I returned in 5 minutes with a little pair of footy jammies on, my hair in ponytails, and a sucker in my mouth. They would both be taking me to bed tonight. Mommy would be showing Daddy how to fuck me tonight. Kinky as fuck, but it was hot in a sick way.
Not my parents, but they played them well. I climbed in bed with them both, while told what a good little girl I was for letting Daddy touch all my pink holes. She taught me how to giggle when I took his cock in my mouth. How it would taste like a lolly, and all good girls did it. The female knotting her fingers in my hair and compelled me to take every inch down my throat. Gagging and choking, she assured me that was what good girls did. I almost puked at one point, but /Mommy/ said it was okay.
She unzipped my jammies and pulled them off, telling me how hard he would get for me. I guess he never got hard for her anymore. /Daddy/ liked tender pussy, not old pussy. As he climbed between my legs, his wife placed the head on my entrance. She even held my hand and told me to scream loud. He would like it if I cried a little too.

Family roleplay get’s me excited.

Being a good girl, I followed the rules that they set forth. I withered, cried, screamed, and begged, but he didn’t stop till spilling his seed. Mommy made sure to kiss boo boo kitty all better.

Tipped and extra 200 bucks, not a bad nights work being Daddy’s little girl. Don’t judge family roleplay till you try it.