NURU massage
He asked for a NURU massage, and the ending was explosive. Bodies covered in oil, the rubbing of one to another, massaging every inch. Erotic seduction of slippery hands and fingers. He loved the happy ending.

“Lay on the table on your stomach. I will make sure to release all that tension inside.”
Pouring a pool of sweet almond oil into my hand, rubbing them together. He was about to get something sensual, but my hands would go first. I had already undressed, and applied oil to my breasts. The pink little buds got erect the moment the pads of my fingers brushed over them. I have the most sensitive nipples. Inch by inch, my hands gliding over his body, he moaned in pleasure the closer I got to his ass. I whispered that I wanted to do a prostate milking.

Your NURU massage can involve a prostate massage. Can I?

Hesitant at first, he allowed the tip of my finger inside of him. Only the tip though. It would make it easier if I went slow. I could tell he was a little worried what I would think, but I pushed into his anal cavity. The way his walls clenched told me he loved it. I knew he would.
Covering myself with the scented oil, the moment he rolled over I used my body as my tools. Sliding up and down his body, covering him with my nude massaging flesh, it was heaven. Every inch of my slick frame covered his in a slip n slide of sensual lust.
NURU massages don’t usually involve penetration, but this one did. One slip and the cock was deep inside. I couldn’t stop it when he felt so good. It wasn’t though I planned on letting him explode his cum inside of me. I couldn’t stop. The seduction of this man consumed me.