Sex sent me to the ER. I swear I never thought something as good as sex would put me in the hospital. How do you explain to a doctor that you have an injury in your vagina without laughing?

Let me tell you about an escort client of mine. He’s basically a good guy other than he is cheating on his wife. He explained to me when we first met that his wife didn’t like sex at all. She thought that you only did it when you wanted to make a child. A good Catholic girl taught by the church to keep her legs closed. Sadly, her husband has a high sex drive and needs to ejaculate at least once a day. The last time they fucked was on their wedding night over a year ago.

Sex is a wonderful way to destress your life.

I’ve /dated/ this man for about 6 months now, and the sex is always exciting. He loves to show off during public sex even though if caught, he will be the one in trouble. Last night was nothing new. He met for dinner at a local place and afterwards he wanted to play. I will admit that he pays well, so some of his kinks I don’t mind doing. Last night, though, he was out of control. If he ever wants to use a remote operated vibrator again, he is getting punished. Sure, I have never had so many orgasms, but the last few actually hurt.

Here is the plan. He put the toy inside of me and we used a chastity belt to make sure I couldn’t remove it. My sex client swore it would be on for at the most an hour. He might think it was funny to lose the key and keep zapping me, but I was in pain. Even when we went to the hospital to have it removed, he kept zapping me. Three hours in, and the phone numbers of 2 doctors wanting to play, it was off. Who knew sex could really send you to the emergency room?