Welcome to Candy land. Where Sugar babies lead you down a path of financial domination and deviant desires. Can you handle the heat this bitch has to bring? Doubtful! I come with a warning label, but lucky for me my Mother taught me how to hide it well.

Arranging with a few friends of mine to have a private party, we all went shopping before the guests arrived. It was bring a loser to a party. I’ve won the last three, and I don’t plan on losing any time soon. I have coming in second with anything. Especially when it comes to sexy little girls taking advantage of weak men. Some would call us greedy, I prefer to smart. It’s a rough world out there. I am the kind of bitch that makes it even harder.
“Miss B, let me spoil you!”
Dressed in a short black skirt, a pair of stockings that stopped right below my ass, and heels. I bet you know the color of those heels. Red of course. A real woman always owns a pair of 5 inch fuck me heels in a crimson shade of red. I happen to own about 40 of them. I can’t get enough. My addiction is growing with every pair that adds to my collection.

Financial domination losers are born to serve me.

Tonight the party is at a hotel in the city. Very nice, but only 3 stars. A convention in town bought up all the other places. Lucky for us it’s one of those nerd conventions. I love when they come to town. No one has to fuck, and they end up drained dry when they leave. Forcing them to jerk off while I humiliate them gives me a case of the giggles.
We arrived at the hotel, walking in like mean girls on parade. It was actually so close to the movie that I had to take a second look in the mirror. A smirk creased my lips and I knew this night would be epic. It always is when I go out with the girls. The bring out the worst in me :::giggles:::
My date. Well how can I explain him. He was 6 ft, skinny, and boring. Only good thing about him was his wallet and ability to pay my bills. I know I wont be paying my rent this month. My allowance is enough that I can take the month away from bills and let him give me all I need. Being pretty does pay the bills.
Imagine this. A room full of beautiful women laughing at you. All forcing your cock into your hands and a stroking to start. You will pay me per stroke, so make them good. I can’t have you ripping me off by doing it without permission, Never ever make one of the Sugar Babies mad. We tend to take it out on your mind, your soul, and your wallet. I love making you suffer with a little financial domination. .