I have heard that it’s every mans dream to have a woman by his side who he can confide in, respect and trust. Someone who will cook him dinner and give him the pussy when he wants it.  Me, being a woman of my word and knowing exactly what I like; will tell all of you men… NEWS FLASH, you are full of shit. You crave humiliation.

You need put into a pair of sweet red lace crotchless panties. So that your balls can hang through the pussy hole and so your asshole is exposed. I can peg you every time you disobey what I say or you piss me off with your stupidity.

You need to be on your hands and knees walking towards me like the dog you are. Telling me how much you love licking my petite and manicured feet. You need to say thank you when I shove this dildo in your ass and fuck you better than you could ever fuck any woman.

The humiliation and training that I give you reciprocated with your moans. Both of pleasurable compliance from my strap-on penetrating your worthless asshole.


Men whine and complain about all sorts of shit. So I am here to balance the equation. I deliver the truth and punishment in what men want, how they feel and what they deserve. Do not deny that you are a little bitch in need of punishment. Do not deny that you are more of a pussy than I or any woman will ever be.

We are the superior species and you are our useless fuck sticks, even though you think otherwise. SO let the humiliation in and be honest with your self. Trust me. It feels so much better while I fuck your cocky ass mouth and asshole if you admit to being less of a man and more of my little bitch.