Adult fanfiction is one of the hottest reads these days. Sites like have made falling in love with your favorite celebrity a whole lot easier. In a world of rush here, and rush there, fantasy is an escape.

The stories of smut and filth were beginning to take me to a place I had never been. I had never thought of finding a celebrity and carrying on an affair with them because look at me. I am stunning, and I have fucked my fair share of rock stars. Most paid through an escort service, but they were stars all the same. Dipping deep into fantasy, I found someone I wanted more than anything.
“Hi, it’s Bianca. The service sent me.”
Knocking on the hotel room door, the paper said his name was Barry Davis. He sorta sounds fat and bald, but work is work, and the unattractive need sex too. I know I looked like a fool the moment the door opened and this beautiful Man stood there. Adam Levine in the flesh. My thighs quivered when I seen him. Would I get to spend the evening with this god? I sure hoped so.
Whisked into the room, he was a married man after all. If an escort shows up to the door and the press sees that, all hell will break loose. The room was elegant, but messy. You could tell he had been there a few days. From the bottles of whiskey to the broken glass on the dresser, I assumed a fight with the wife brought this on. Not all marriages are happy all the time. A bad marriage is good for my business.

“Nice room. Who decorated?”

Laughing, his face didn’t change. He was not amused and my humor would not get me anywhere with this one. He stood at the bar watching me, his eyes drinking in ever inch of my body. I could tell he was only thinking bad things when he looked at my body. Things you don’t do to the mother of your children, but you do to a bought whore.
Holding his whiskey on the rocks, he motioned for me to drop to my knees. I was star struck enough that I did as told. Wearing a short red skirt, white silk blouse, and red heels. I gracefully went down, glancing up with dark hues to wait for the next command from him. Tapping his zipper, I know the role well.

Dirty fanfiction allowed for me to live out this fantasy.

Inching down the zipper, his cock sprung out of his pants. His tattoo’d hand stroking over the thick shaft of meat. He was almost 10 inches and thick. I would hurt after this. Asking me to slide my tongue out, I did. His cock smacked over my tongue, spit splashing like a puddle of rain. A drizzle of saliva ran down my chin, dripping on my white blouse. A stain of spit and lipstick would forever be a reminder of this night.
Grabbing the back of my head, he fucked my throat with the massive head of his cock. Forcing himself down my throat, my nostrils flared, tear ran down my face, and he never spilled his drink. You could tell Adam was use to getting everything he wanted from a woman, and he viewed us as property. I was a piece of fuck meat.
“Swallow it whore!”
My whole night was a case of fanfiction porn. So hot that it could melt an iceberg. I will take more trips down the alternative path in the future.