Daddy's Princess
Daddy’s Princess, that’s what he loved to ask for when he called the service. they knew who he wanted to moment he did. This adorable Man loved to spoil me and have me treat him like he was nothing but a wallet for me. In all honesty, I have no problem doing that. Some men are made to be the Boss. Some men, well they’re made to give us little ones everything would could ever want and need. I love both.

Arriving at the Mall, we had a date arranged for this. I was about to make a few changes though. I guess you could say that I got a little spunk in me, but that’s a secret.
“W, bathroom please. I have something to do before we start shopping.’
I led him to the woman’s room, taking him into the handicapped stall. A little more room is always better. Reaching into my bag, a long red ribbon retrieved. Instructing him to take his zipper down. I slipped on the rubber gloves and tied the pretty crimson strand around his balls. Feeding the end out of his pant opening, his zipper pulled up and shopping could continue.

Daddy’s Princess will always be my favorite name.

Looping the end around my finger, I was taking my pet for a walk. Now you all know I am not Dominate, but when it comes to shopping, I am a little greedy. Leading him through the mall, a few heads turned, but for the most part, no one noticed. It wasn’t till we entered my favorite lingerie store did anyone say anything.
“You know he has a red ribbon, right?”
The sales woman whispered in my ear. Holding the looped finger up with one hand, and his credit card with the other, she understood. I’m sure I was not the first girl to walk a pet. Scanning the racks, I forced him to hold the items I would try on, but then again, he loved holding them. At one point, I happened to check the mirror and catch him sniffing a pair of red panties. A quick yank to the leash and he stopped quick.
“Sit in the chair. I want you to give the sales lady 100 dollars to hold this string while I try on the clothing.”
It was the funniest thing, and no, I was not trying to humiliate him. He sat there and the woman had fun with the leash. He would look at another woman and she would yank him back to only focusing on me. She was better at this than I was.
I racked up 500 dollars in new undies and bras, but that was the tip of the iceberg. We shopped all day, and even had dinner out. You’ll have to tune in late to see what happened when done for the day. Poor little man. I will post my total for the day real soon. Some of you will be shocked, and thankful that you’re not dating me! Daddy’s Princess is the ultimate mind fuck.