foot fetish
My foot fetish is no secret. There is nothing I won’t do for a pair of stiletto heels. I don’t mean the cheap knock off brands either. It must be designer, and red. I have a little addiction to the color red.

Slip in a little closer. Let me tell you about my friend Christopher. Naughty boy, but he does suit one need. When the itch for pegging come in, he will always offer up his ass to me. Not with a dildo, or a strapon. He loves the spike of a 5 inch heel gliding in and out of his ass. Don’t worry, he sucks them clean afterwards. I insist upon it.
Bent over my desk, that little bitch wiggles his ass and begs to take it hard. I can’t help but laugh though. I’ve always loved a man, but ended up with a bitch. Even for a submissive like me, this is so desperate. He even told me he can’t cum without something in the bung hole. Back in my Mama’s day, that made you gay!


Foot fetish freak begs for a hard pegging.

I lube his asshole, pressing the tip of my heel against the opening. This faggot squealed like a pig for me. To be honest, I laughed at this point. The deeper in I went, the more he asked for it to be deeper. My red designer heel sank into his shit hole like a knife in warm butter. He wasn’t a newbie to anal.
One, than the other, I pounded that anal cavity till he shot on the side of my desk. Don’t fret. He is a good clean up boy too. Most men won’t eat cum without a threat. He isn’t most men. My foot fetish freak is also a cum guzzling little slut for me. I do love a man who knows his place.