“Bianca, we have a wild one for you. Research Necrophilia”

I knew that something was going on when that was the first thing Dave said when he called me. Usually, he means there is a freak that everyone else is scared of. Dammit, why do I have to be such a freak? The moment he faxed over the sheet on my client, he was into Necrophilia and wanted something specific. 

“You are to douche with ice water every 15 minutes before the date. When the sexual activity starts, decrease your breaths, and lie as still as possible. Do not move at all. Any movements will make me lose my erection, and we will start over. Please do not make this upsetting for me.”

A sick and twisted fetish scared me.

UPSETTING for him? I am supposed to play dead, and this is upsetting for him? I can do this. I can do anything. That afternoon I did some research on the fetish and went and got the things I would need. Ten douches, all of them would be in an ice chest. They would stay cold, but not freeze. I could only imagine the pain I would be in. To test it out, I used a popsicle inside my pussy for a moment, you know, to see if the cold hurt. FUCK! That was so painful. Ten douches of ice water were going to make me feel dead, for real.

What do you wear for a death date? Black, of course. All black, and I even read to use a light foundation and put baby powder on my face. I would look like a corpse for him. I even scared myself when I looked in the mirror. Thankfully I had gotten a room in the same hotel so I wouldn’t have to walk outside looking like the walking dead.

“You look horrible, Bianca.”

Laughing, she put on the finishing touches as she went to the room next door. When I opened the door, the scent of flowers burned my nose, sending shivers over my body. It was a pungent odor of funeral flowers. I’m not too fond of that smell. God, why does this man enjoy death so much? He was attractive but creepy. And clinical in the way he did things.

“Necrophilia is vital to me. “

I did as told, lying in bed, I tried not to shiver. I had douched ten times with ice water, and I swear my pussy was dead. Closing my eyes, meditating to bring my pulse and breathing to a lower level, he moved me as though I was stiff. I have to admit. I almost laughed at this point. It so mattered of the fact that he found heaven in the lifeless. Grunting the moment he was in, it lasted maybe 1 minute, and he was done. Slipping out, removing the condom, and leaving me to lay there stunned, all I could think was that I was just way too hot-blooded to die.

I don’t understand Necrophilia, but who am I to judge someone’s fantasy act? I made good money for that disturbing moment in time, and I hope he is not out there trying out the real corpses in the world. Well, this is Bianca signing off. Happy hunting, and as always, I will see you in my dreams.