sugar baby


I wasn’t always a sugar baby. There was a day that made me one and I will never look back. Girls that look like me should always get everything they want, or so told by the man who trained me to be the little bitch I am today. One trip to the mall and I found the perfect way to live.

Shopping alone, I had picked up a few things too many. Standing at the cash register, the girl rang it up and I gave her a horrified look. It didn’t last long though. Behind me, a man reached over, handing his card to the girl, and paid for it. That was the first time I realized that being a sugar baby wasn’t such a curse.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to be ugly, but boys in school were too broke to make me happy. I hated it when they would ask me out and the best thing I got was a burger and fries. They would expect sex for that. Little did they know, they weren’t getting anything from me.

I was a sugar baby in training.

The trip to the mall was one of many for me. I found that I could get anything I wanted and didn’t even have to fuck. A handjob, and suck, or even letting them rub between my ass cheeks. Never penetrate. God no. I’m a high class. All the boys want me, but it takes a real man to own this bitch. I’m a sugar baby with needs.

Now working as a phone whore, and an escort, I get everything I want. I have clients who give me all their money, and those that pay all my bills. You might think that being a sugar baby is degrading, but not me. I find it wallet enhancing.