escort diaries

Welcome to my escort diaries. You will find things here to tempt, to define, and to ruin you for all other women.

“Don’t even think about turning around. Keep your eyes on the skyline!”

His voice was demanding, and quick to the point. She could already smell the alcohol on his breath. At 19, Bianca knew that Men were horny when drunk. What was his deal though? Maybe the expensive whiskey that lingered in the air had given him a case of whiskey dick. Another thing she had not experienced, but knew about. Her mother told her about that one on Prom night. Well, she warned her more then she told. She didn’t realize this would make her escort diaries a best seller.

“When a Man is drunk off whiskey, he is going to try and touch you. Don’t let him. He will never finish and then all he does is cry and asks for forgiveness”

Kind words from a loving Mother, not. She wasn’t loving. She just didn’t want another mouth to feed. The family didn’t have money and teen pregnancy was not going to happen. Keep reading my escort diaries.

“Yes, Sir. I won’t turn.”

Whispering, a hand in her hair firmly yanked her head back. He was growling. Growling like a feral animal. What was wrong with this Man. Why was he being so elusive with her? Bianca was a little fearful but knew that he was a longtime customer of the company and that they wouldn’t send harm her way. Well not unless paid for.

Did I ask you to speak to me? DID I?”

His voice now filled with anger, she was new to this fifty shades shit. Hell, she was so insecure of herself that the tears trickled down her face the moment she knew she was a disappointment. He would have her fired and Bianca would once again have to tell her family that she didn’t have money to help them. Nodding her head back and forth, she kept her lips sealed. Maybe there was a way she could fix this. Sure there was. She would do whatever he wanted and he wouldn’t hate her. That was what women did. They pleased Men and made them love them. Are you enjoying my escort diaries?

“Walk forward and place your hands on the railing. Once your there, lift your left foot up, curl at the knee, and stand steady. No matter what, don’t you fucking move. You move, you go home unpaid and fired. Do you understand me?”

His words filled with demands, she nodding that she did. She didn’t know what he wanted, but she would do everything to keep this job. Moving forward, the tapping on the heels on the balcony sent shivers up and down her spine. It was all surreal.  Obtaining a white knuckle grip on the railing, she lifted her foot up, closing her eyes for the moment. Did she even want to know why he had her life this? In a way yes, but for the most part, no!

My Escort diaries are a best seller.

A shift in the air and she knew things were about to change. He dropped to his knees, placed his hand on her stiletto covered foot and brought the sharp heel to his mouth. Bianca couldn’t see this, but she felt it all.  He was going to suckle the heel of her shoe. Holy fuck, what was wrong with this man. Horrified for a moment. His mouth slowly pulling the sharp point across his tongue. She didn’t move an inch, but for whatever reason, she was moist between her thighs. This was crazy. This lunatic was sucking on the spike heel. The sounds of sucking from behind her brought one hand to her mouth to cover the giggle. Bianca honestly didn’t know why he was doing this. Why was he making love to a shoe? Imagine how this will sound in my escort diaries newest addition.

Other foot now!

She did as told, placing the now saliva covered foot to the ground, her other foot lifting only to his mouth. He did the exact same thing to the opposite foot. He had oral sex with her shiny red shoe. Sucking, licking, and moaning, she knew he was actually getting off to the fine leather. For the next 10 minutes, she felt his mouth devouring the shoe, but never moved or uttered a word. Standing on the balcony all but naked, Bianca felt free for the first time. It was weird. She was a whore paid for, but this experience was freeing her mind to a world she had never known.

Some of this so secret you will only find it in the escort diaries.

Placing her foot back to solid ground, the client, the foot lover stayed on the ground, his mouth now tracing the crease of her ass. That line where the leg meets the cheek. Tracing his tongue up the crack of her ass, he placed a hand on the center of her back and pushed forward. She was leaning over the balcony and allowing him access to her asshole. This must have been the reason for the enema. Cleaning her for his consumption. Slithering his tongue between her cheeks. He circled the tiny starfish-shaped entrance. Pushing his tongue in and out of her asshole till the moans fell from her lips and broke the silence of the night. It felt intoxicating. He was pushing into her asshole. The dirty hole. God, that fucking was incredible. He was actually eating her ass.

My escort diaries will shock you.

As the city zoomed below. Bianca leaned over the edge and allowed him to penetrate her delicate cavity with the very tip of his tongue. Lost as the flood of juices poured down her legs, staining both the stockings and the shoes. She orgasmed to having her asshole eaten. Was she a sick bitch, or was this normal? God, what if she really was a freak like him. Only the next part of the escort diaries will tell.

Lapping her up like a starved kitten. The Man had fully cleaned her when he brought his frame back to his feet. Taking her hand and leading the young girl back to the hotel room. What happened next shocked her, but at the same time, sealed the amount of power she had over him.

“You want me to put the heels in your ass? Fuck you with my shoe? I can’t,” she cried out. “I might hurt you.”