Do you read fanfiction? The majority of people have at least glanced at wattpad fanfiction at least once in their lives. If more times than they are willing to admit. I know that I’ve spent a good amount of time lost in the fantasy land of words.

After hours of reading, I decided to format my own. Since the moment I laid eyes on Sam Elliot, I’ve had a deep dark desire to fuck that GILF. He is the grand pappy that I would love to get deep inside of me. Older men turn me on, and in this fantasy, I am going to be a young homeless teen who needs to eat. Walking down Hollywood blvd, I didn’t even notice when the limo pulled up next to me. A gruff old voice calling out for me to come over. I had to do a double take when I seen who it was. “Oh my god, your Sam!”


He nodded and asked me to get in. There was something I needed to see and he would pay me well. I’m not a whore, but not eating in 2 days had my stomach growling. No one expects to ever be homeless. I got in the car, shocked the moment I did. This man had his dick out and was jacking off. I never read any fanfiction this juicy. On the seat was a stack of 100 dollar bills. He offered me the first one to watch him stroke while we drove around the city. The second one to fondle his balls while he did it.


Sucking him brought me up to three hundred dollars, but I am greedy. I wanted it all. We ended up with the moon roof open and me screaming out his name as he blasted a load of cum in my tight teen pussy. I love this fanfiction that involves such a hot and nasty old man. I know Sam would love me, but then again, this is all my own little fantasy and dreams don’t come true.