sugar daddy

My little epic tale of my sugar daddy took a new turn this weekend. He wanted me to go away to Vegas for a conference. Little did I know, he was going to share me with his wife. I’ve never met her till this weekend, and now, I want a sugar mama too.

This was all set to make her feel like it was an accident, but he planned this affair. I usually don’t play with women, but she was an exception. I knew that her pussy needed what a woman can give it. Arriving at their room wearing nothing but a long coat, and my signature red heels, I couldn’t help but smile. She was a hot blond with big tits and a nice fat ass. Sorta the mommy type, but the dirty mother.

We had a couple bottles of wine before the clothes came off. He sat in the corner and stroked his dick while I ate his wife better than he ever has. A woman doesn’t have to be a lesbian to eat pussy the right way. In fact, we know what the other needs more than a man ever will.

My sugar daddy watched me fuck his wife.

Sex toys laid out on the table, I picked a strap-on for my weapon of choice. I love using one on the old man, but his wife felt so much better. He has never fucked her like I did. I could tell that the moment I pushed inside and she creamed her cunt.

Sugar daddy now you have some one to handle you both. If not for your money I would rather have the wife. She is my lesbian crush, and we’ve planned to sneak away this weekend and not tell him. Who is cheating? Her, or me?