Does a sugar baby need to have sex to keep sugar daddies? No, it would actually be rare for a taken little miss to have a sexual relationship. This is all about an older man taking care of a younger girl. Something that’s happened for man years, but was never labeled.

He is daddy to her, but not in the family sense. A strong male who decides what she should do, and how she should do it. One of the most common mistakes is the think that the sugar daddy is in control. It’s the complete opposite. The little, or female is the one who makes the rules in advance. Don’t think this is only for females. Boys can be sugar pups and take their rightful place in the world.
Before anything starts, an arrangement’s made. All rules laid out in a contract between the two. This way you know what the sugar bowl will consist of.

Has my sugar baby life peeked your interest yet?

There is both long term arrangements, and short term. For me though, I prefer a long term financial arrangement. When I met Piggie a year ago, that was the plans. He would financially take care of all my needs, and I would guide his orgasms via his own hand. I will admit that I enjoy this a little too much at times, and his needs have changed. Let me rephrase that, they have grown. He now lives for my sensual voice to allow, or deny his orgasm. It depends on how happy he’s made me.
How does one get these gifts? Well for me, I love tips, amazon shopping trips, and even the UPS man is wise to me. My last deliver of 10 packages and he asked that familiar question.

What the heck are you buying daily?

Of course I laughed hard. I explained that I am a sugar baby, and these were gifts from my man admirers. His jaw dropped open, but I noticed those brown khakis produced a pup tent. I know I’ve intrigued him because he walked away with a smile and told me a girl like me deserves the best. Of course I do. I am a sugar baby after all.