human trafficking
What is human Trafficking? Human trafficking is the trade of humans. Forced labor, sexual slavery, or commercial sexual exploitation for the trafficker or others. In the fantasy world of phone sex, it’s all make believe and no one ever gets hurt.

Welcome to the highway of lost souls. No one ever get’s out. The moment you enter, you will realize that sign in the restroom was there for a reason.
I was young when it happened to me. Too innocent to be alone, but hitchhiking seemed like an adventure. The summer of 2018 was going to be amazing. With a backpack, a notebook, and a camera, I plan on making this country the back drop for my newest story.
As an aspiring writer, I planned on making this a best seller. I should have known something was off when I stopped at the reststop in New Mexico.

A sign in the bathroom warned of Human trafficking.

Taking a picture of the sign, I never seen the stall door open, or hear the footsteps. A cloth over my mouth, and the fantasy was about to begin. They call this the lost highway for a reason. Pretty things seem to disappear without a trace. Innocent and young, I was the perfect victim. I’m sure they can get a lot of money for a little white girl who is still a virgin. Bad men pay high dollar for girls like me.
I don’t know where they took me, but the warehouse is dark, and voices loomed in the distance. There is an argument about the price of the new girl. I guess that’s me. They wan’t 40 grand, but the buyer only wants to pay 30. In my fantasy I am worth more because white girls bring high dollar.
Finish this with me. You’ve payed 40 grand for me. I am your property. What will you do with me now that we’ve entered into the fantasy game of human trafficking? Will you rape me? Abuse me? Or will this be the perfect end to what was to be a summer to remember? You choose.