The life of an escort is not the pretty woman glamour scene. It’s being perfect the entire time, and doing things you don’t want. Money is money though. We learn at a young age that money talks and bullshit walks.

“Bianca, you have a client. Info is being send over via fax.”
I know when Dave calls me it’s someone special. It was. A man with more money then sense, my client was someone I had seen a few times before. Usually I am his date for an event, but tonight he wants me for a private dinner. We will be eating at one of the nicest places in the city. I love going out when I am not the one spending the money. Nothing makes me happier then having a man with a high limit credit care spoil me. 
I met him at his hotel. Of course, I am dressed for success. Very short skirt that shows off my legs, a pair of stiletto’s in a crimson shade of red, and a red silk blouse. I am not overly endowed, but it does show off my perfect 34B tits.

My escort fantasy started the moment he said hello.


We enjoyed a lovely dinner. I sat nice and close so I could use my hand to massage his cock under the table. I love making a man hard but not allowing him to cum. Edging to the point of breaking, but not releasing the dam. Not very nice of me, but then again, I am not very nice these days. I was once a meek and mild little submissive, but that went out the window real quick. He was such a disgusting pig of a man that this went all wrong, very quick.
Would you like to know if he exploded at the table, or inside of me? Call and ask about my date.. I would love to share my escort fantasies with the right man. remember, as for Bianca.