Seduction of the mind through words, actions, and thoughts will always bring you back for more. What is your fantasy? Your kink? You will soon find out mine is a pair of red stilettos, and the wealth of powerful men.

“I need these in a size 7, and can you add the sole liners to them?” calling out after the salesman, he was already in the back when she remembered to ask. He heard her, but more than likely, he was sniffing the soles of her sale. Bianca had a party later that evening. She was an escort for the Blankenship corporation, and her client had a fetish for red stilettos. She never wore the same pair twice, and he allowed her a shoe budget of 1500.00 US dollars.
He was English and though they had been seeing each other for 5 years, she never got tired of his needs. How could you? Each month she had her closet filled with expensive footwear. And 10 grand deposited into her bank account.  She made more in a month than most families made in a year’s time. The world of high class call girls wasn’t as ugly as most thought. It was actually a very distinguished profession.

My addiction for Red Stilettos started here.

She didn’t plan on working in the sex industry, in fact the 25-year-old was once a pre-med student with a 4.0 gpa. She graduated high school at 16, college at 17, and by the time she was 19, she was earning 6 figures. Her New York Penthouse was being paid for, and she drove a brand new BMW. She was living the life most dreamed about. She would still never fulfill her parents dreams of becoming a Doctor. Sometimes in life you have to do what is right for you, not for those that love you. The first client she ever had made her realize that.
May 2010
“He’s in his 50’s, married, and from the Boston area. Our client has used this service for the past 10 years now, and he expect a girl to act a certain way,”
David, the office manager was filling Bianca in on what she needed for her first date that evening. Brand new and a bit naive, the tiny brunette had a look. She looked young. A bit too young, but all her ID’s matched and when you find them ripe for the picking, you snatch it before someone else does.
“You are to meet him at the Four Seasons. Your attire is listed on the paper, and attached in the spending amount. Do not be late. Even 1 moment will force him to cancel his service and he is a VIP who spends enormous amounts with us,”
Dismissed without words. Being a smart girl, Bianca left making sure to not bother the Man who was giving her a start in the business. Following the hall out, she didn’t read the paper till reaching the elevator. Once she opened the envelope that might have been a good thing.

-You will arrive at 9 pm at the Four Seasons. The waiter will show you to the table. He knows you’re expected.

“You will not eat 6 hours in advance of this meeting. I do not like those who pick through their food, nor do I like picky eaters. Your food has been ordered in advance. You will thank the waiter and eat ¾ of your meal.”
“Your attire must consist of a red dress, the hem reaching 4 inches above the knee. Black stockings with a simple seem up the back. Bikini panties, and lace bra, and 5-inch red stilettos. All this has will be waiting for you.”
-Room 406 has been reserved in your name and you will dress there.
-You will have showered, shaved both legs and arm pits, douched, and there is an enema under the sink. Use it. I don’t need to explain why. You should already know.
There was more on the list, but those were the ones that stood out to Bianca. Was he a Dominate Man? She was assuming for with the demands he made of her. At 19, she only had one sexual experience and that lasted 2 minutes and the lights were off. She had studied porn. Read books, and asked everyone she knew about different sexual techniques. None knew why, but they were all more than willing to tell her all they knew. Some she wished would of kept silent.
Dressed for dinner, Bianca slipped the card to the room into her bag. Checked the time, and made it to the restaurant. She was a little surprised at how knotted her stomach was. At one point she felt the dry heaves coming on. A peppermint in the mouth, counting to 10, and a waiter who already expected her shook all that off.

“Miss Bianca, he is waiting for you. Follow me…”

The fake French accent cracked as the waiter led the small brunette to the table. Holy shit, he was not unattractive at all. In fact, he was quite the opposite. Tall, dark hair with a sprinkle of grey, and his body in top form. What was wrong with him? Why did this Man need an escort when every woman in the room would have been happy to be with him? The reason hidden in his pants. She prayed that he was not less than endowed. It was her first time. Please let her have someone who wasn’t small dicked.
“Miss Bianca, Sir,” no sooner had the waiter said it, he was gone. Seating herself, a nudge of her teeth across her bottom lip met with a look of disapproval. She rectified that and took the seat across from this Man.
“You look lovely. Your dinner will be here soon!”
That was all he said. His accent English, the words all proper, but she couldn’t help but fidget in her seat. He spent more time on the phone then with here during dinner. A modest salad was ate through silence. Then steak, steamed vegetables, and her drink was water with a twist of lemon. The moment she got to the ¾ amount, the clearing of his throat told her to stop. Gluttony is a sin was all she could think. Was he religious? No desert, not even simple conversation. He didn’t have to. She was being paid well to sit there and enjoy her meal.

Slipping over the key card to the penthouse, his aqua blue eyes pulled the young girl in. At that point she would have fucked him for free. He was dreamy.

“Go to the room and remove everything but the stockings and heels. You will make your way to the balcony and stand there to enjoy the view of the city. In 15 minutes I will join you. I don’t need small talk, but when spoken to, you will address reply to me. If you need to relieve yourself, you do that in your 15-minute frame. Please wash yourself afterwards. You may leave!”
Blotting her lips before leaving, Bianca slipped the heels off and ran. She ran to the elevator, pushed the buttons in rapid sequence, and was in the room with 7 minutes to spare. For some reason this man intrigued her.
“Holy shit!”
Looking around the room, her eyes never stopped examining things. The sounds of footsteps brought her back to reality. Yanking the clothing from her body. She left only the required items before opening the sliding doors. Standing in the coolness of a New York night. She was almost naked and the whole city was beneath her. It was beautiful, and for reasons she didn’t know, Bianca felt more alive than she ever had. Stockings and those red stilettos were all she wore. She had no idea how important those shoes would become to her, but she soon would.

“You look lovely Bianca. No need to turn around. Enjoy the view!”

Sex does not need to always involve penetration. The mind is the perfect fuck toy, you only need to know how to use it. Open the eyes to a whole new world of seduction. You might find yourself deeper than you’ve ever imagined. Seduction of the mind is the greatest achievement.