financial domination

Financial Domination is not for the weak willed. In fact, you must be a very strong Man or Woman to allow another to take from you. When it comes to me, I am all or nothing. I will own you.

I wasn’t always this way. Once upon a time ago I was a sweet little submissive who craved nothing more than to have punishment. The first time I rolled a credit card around in the tips of my fingers, I snapped. He said to spend as much as I wanted. I deserved the very best. Can you imagine the thrill that rushed through me knowing that I was worthy of the very best things in life? It was like a hit of the newest drug. Eye opening and enlightening. My drug of choice comes in the shape of a 2 x 4 inch card. It opens doors I never thought possible. I am addicted.

Financial domination has taken me to the highest levels.

Only the finest things in life for me. Cars, clothing, bills paid, shoes. Oh those shoes. I am a shoe addict. The scent of them drives me to the point of cumming. Have you ever known a girl who can cum from the scent alone? You now have. Once I slip those 600 dollar a pair stiletto heels on my feet, I can’t help myself. The only better feeling is swiping your credit card to pay for them. I love the fact that all I have to do is look good, and you buy me everything thing on my shoe fetish fantasy list. Sucker!
I haven’t heard from my piggie William lately. He seems to have forgotten who owns him. Silly man will remember that I fucking own him, and if he cums without me, he owes me a gift. Something expensive this time. Oink for me pig. I am the one who has you wrapped tight around her perfect manicure. The one you need to pay for. I’m looking for you piggie. Better run!
Another one of my sluts has been begging to have his ass on the receiving end of my strap on. He is the sweetest Man in the world, but I own that ass of his. One day I will show him how much with lines of shame across each cheek. Game is that he will get taken by each of my friends. Once they tap out they will leave a line of shame over his ass cheek. Our goal is to cover him in our laugh lines. He’s so sweet, but business is business. I don’t stop for tears.
Financial domination is not for the weak. You must love being destroyed to play with me.