Edging confessions, I took him to a place he didn’t even know existed. His wants far exceeded his needs, and I made him realize that patience is a virtue. I can last for hours, can you?

Stroke it slow. I am not in a hurry to get you off. Move your hand over that cock, but don’t touch the head. If you do, we start over.
Slipping the spiked heels on, I know these are your favorite. Do you understand that I don’t care about your needs? It’s all about me today. You will stroke while I guide. No matter what you call it. JOI, guided masturbation, or mind control. You don’t cum unless I allow it.

Edging can be quite addicting.

Have you heard about William? He is the perfect little pet. Last week while at work, I spent the day getting him to the point of no return. You might wonder how long he lasted. I amusing me that on the drive home from work, he begged me to allow him to jack off on the side of the road.
In a little town in the south, a man sat in his car jacking his dick to my voice. How hot is that? A sick part of me wanted him to get caught. Not by a man, but by a sultry little vixen who would make him suffer. The best part of this whole thing is that I got William to cross a line for me.
You silly pig, you forgot napkins in the car?
I am sure you know what happens now? Eat it!
We don’t waste cum!
I loved when he gagged, coughed, and asked me to never ask him to do that again. Knowing that this very masculine man ate his cum for me pleased me more than it should. Edging is not a hobby for me. I plan on being the best.