During the past few weeks I have been so busy doing holiday stuff. I have to do it ahead, because work is always wild during this time. Sorry the blogs have been scarce, but life happens. 

I went shopping this week with my favorite red shoe lover. Of course I had on a pair that he loved so much. I never go out with him without consulting what pair of shoes I will wear. He could care less about the outfit. It’s all about what shoe drives him crazy today. I wore the ones that he always cums so hard with.

“Sir, do you think your wife would understand about me shopping with you, for her?”

Asking him, I knew that would bring about a scowl of disappointment. Of course she wouldn’t like knowing his personal shopper was me. Now that she is pregnant, she is an emotional mess. She always accuses him of cheating, but well, I guess she is right. I don’t think buying an escort is cheating though. It’s a happiness investment.

“Bianca if you ask me something so stupid again, I take your shoes away. You will wear a dollar store pair for the rest of the day.”

His words shut my mouth to the point of fear. I wasn’t above cheap shoes, but they weren’t comfortable. I guess I will always be jealous of his wife, though I have no right to be. She is not a whore as he explained in the past. You can’t take a escort home to meet the parents. Dad wont care, but Mom would.

We stopped in front of Victoria’s secret, my personal favorite store. I was to try on outfits for him, and he would imagine his wife wearing them. Picking out a holiday themed one, the red panties trimmed in fluffy white fur. I had the same outfit at home in pink. 

“How do I look, Sir?”

Standing in front of my client, I got the attention of others, but all I focused on was him. His finger moved in circles, and with it went my body. I knew the drill. I was just a paper doll to try on what he would buy for his wife. 

“I will take this one, now go get dressed and we will need some jewelry.”

I do as I am told, though at times I don’t like it. I know who pays my bills, and who doesn’t. My arrangement with him allows me to live in a high class apartment in the good side of town. He pays for the car I drive, and even allots me a gas account. I don’t complain because he is my personal sugar Daddy.

“Try the necklace on Bianca. The diamond one.”

I did as he requested, though the 40 thousand dollar price tag had my hands shaking. I don’t like the responsibility of that much money in my hands. 

“Stunning! Wrap that up too.”

The sales woman took it off of me, but not before I caught of glimpse of myself in the mirror. To be his wife for a night would be my greatest pleasure. I was a whore though. Good things don’t happen to whores. Sad reality of life.

“Shopping trip over Bianca. Daddy’s stressed and needs some attention. Let’s go to the car and you can blow me on the way to dinner.”

His hand caressed my cheek in a loving manner, but the look in his eyes was all business. The moment we got in the car, the privacy window went up, and hi zipper down. Like a good slut, I wrapped my lips around the head and swirled my tongue around the slit. Pulling back for a moment, a thin line of saliva connected us. 

“I love sucking you Sir.”

I wasn’t able to finish my sentence, his hand compelled me down and quiet. All that money stressed him out and my throat would take the brunt of the abuse. Grasping the back of my hair, he fed me a appetizer of cock, making me gag, cry, and plead for breaths. I love a good blow job, but this was brutal. 

“Keep sucking, I need to take this call. It’s my wife.” 

He was going to ruin my throat while he spoke like a loving husband. 

“Hi honey. I know. I hate working late too, but when I get home, I will spend the rest of the evening with you. Love you doll face.”

I wanted to puke, but his dick did that for me. He exploded into my throat and gave me a hot drink of spunk. I guess that was more than she got at least. 

“Fix your mouth. We are having dinner at a nice place!”