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Welcome to the adventures of a deviant mind. A world filled with taboo temptations has just opened the door and allowed you a small peek inside. The little Sugar Baby has found her new home, and with a mind like Bianca’s, you’ll need to make sure you’re insured. Dip your finger in the virtual honey jar of sin. I am only a phone call away from destroying your life one fantasy at a time.

Well-manicured both physically and mentally, the diaries of this high class escort read like a post from a who’s who book. Getting a hold of her little black book would bring on a world of hurt for many men. No need to worry though. Silence is golden, just like your credit limit. Rule number one for any good whore is to know when to hold, and when to fold. Edging your fantasies to a level that you will question whether this is real or fake is just what a naughty little girl enjoys. This lusty little Lolita has some seductive rapture for all you bad boys.

Inside the doors of the little whore Bianca, you will find things you never knew existed. Join my little circle of pets, or even be the next to contribute to my wealth. The fetishes run deep, along with my desire for shoes. Did I mention that I have a shoe fetish? Only the expensive ones will do, and remember, red is my favorite color, and the more they cost, the more of my attention you’ll get. All taboos welcome. Even the ones that involve bending over and taking an over knee spanking, anal fucking, or oral threats.

When you search for the girl that tops them all, stop in and find your next addiction with Bianca St. Love.

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